Driveway Pebble Paving Stones

Pebble Paving Stones for Driveways

Pricing Starts at $4.50 per square foot and comes with a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY.

Colored Pebblestone
Colored Pebblestone


Joe's Driveway Paving Stones is a seamless polymerized aggregate. It is stronger than concrete and is water permeable. Safe to say that it is the ideal driveway paving solution for those who prefer not to have weeds sprouting up or water pooling on their driveway. A new environmentally friendly product which costs less than half of most paving options, this comes with a 5 year warranty but in most cases lasts much longer. We can install it over existing driveway surfaces so there is no cost to remove and haul away the old driveway surface. This driveway paving stones product can be custom colored.

Ideal for large new paving project or resurfacing such as:

  • green star Arenas, playground areas or roof top courtyards.
  • green star Track fields and tennis courts
  • green star Garage floors
  • green star Basement floors
  • green star Steps (non-slip)
  • green star Parging on exposed perimeter walls


  • green star Installs over existing driveway surface. No need for removal!
  • green star Attractive / Seamless / Durable
  • green star UV stable
  • green star Impervious to salt & de-icer solutions
  • green star Easy snow removal
  • green star Impact absorbing
  • green star Crack resistant
  • green star Flexible and withstands minor ground movement
  • green star Skid & slip resistant in all weather conditions
  • green star Handles freeze & thaw cycles and climatic changes easily

Joes Pebblestones is a less expensive alternative to asphalt (blacktop), cement, concrete pavement or other driveway paving options. Our contractors serve Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and Hope BC.